What  if  you  could   identify the   brightest, most  resilient  young   people   who    have   grown    up   in   conflict   or   extreme   poverty  who   have   survived  -  and  thrived  -  despite   enormous  odds?

What if you could bring them together in a sheltering space and help them heal, learn, and excel through exposure to leading thinkers and mentors in areas as diverse as entrepreneurship, neuroscience, technology, design, psychology - all focused on finding ways to dramatically improve the human condition through creativity, compassion, and innovation?


What if you could give them the tools, sanctuary, and encouragement to unfold and develop from their own unique blueprint into deeply authentic, connected human beings - with humility, openness, and an understanding of their place in the world as a part of the whole?


What if they used the power of their individual and collective voices to share their experience, to shed light on darkness, to bear witness to the resiliency of the human spirit? What if you could guide them to use their innate wisdom and hard-won knowledge to change their own worlds - and through that, they changed the world for us all?


"The world   breaks  us  all   and  AFter,

    some  are   stronger  in  the  broken  places."



The    Strongheart   Fellows    Program   is   a   GROUndbreaking     EDUCATIONAL    program    designed   to   help   bright , resilient   young     people     from    extremely    challenging     circumstances   around    the   globe    develop    into    compassionate,   innovative   problem-solvers,   influencers,   and    advocates that   can   affect   significant   social   c hange.